Tips to take care of the food needs of a party

It doesn’t matter where and why the party is to be held, the food that are served on the day is going to one of the key factors that decide whether it’s a fun or a boring party. There are many occasions in our lives where it would be a crime not to have a party. The 21st, the 1st of a child, the weddings and this list goes on. Nut no matter what sort of a party it was, you need to makes sure that the food is top-notch.

Here are 5 tips to be the best food-committee party coordinator ever.

  • Confirm or get a rough number of the attendees

It is better if you can confirm the exact number of people who will be attending since that way, there will be no need of any error correction margin or whatsoever. But in the worst case scenario, it is better to have an estimate so you can work up the necessary quantities and the budget.

  • Get more popular food and less of unpopular

This sometimes depends on the type of the audience as well. For an instance, the food types that older ones find popular will not be so much with younger community. This is why you need to think wisely before choose the main courses. But in the end of the day, you need to increase the popular ones, while decreasing the unpopular in quantitative terms; never qualitative. It’s a great way to save money.

  • The more the choices, less the personal portion

When there are less than 5 types of options to choose from, the amount that a person would consume will be higher than a situation where there are 10 options. This is a tactical way to entertain the guests on the best way whole saving money too. The good thing about it is that, whilst there will be options for everyone so that they can have what they like.

  • Time the duration of the party ideally

The longer the party is going to be the more food you will need. But ending a party too early could be a big buzz killer. The solution for this is having a DJ over so that more time can be allocated for dancing. Once the dancing starts, no one will be bothered too much about food.

  • Offer both hot and cold options

The buffet had only the hot food; it’s going to lack that completeness that should there in the buffet. This is why you just make sure that both hot and cold food types are provided to choose from.

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