How To Maintain Your Long-Distance Relationship

Distance makes the heart grow fonder…but it can also do plenty of damage. Here are a few tips to help your long distance relationship thrive…

Communication Is Key When It Comes To Any Long Distance Relationship

Without a doubt, communication is key to any happy and healthy relationship. But when it comes to long-distance relationships, communication is one of those things your relationship relies on. Because you don’t see each other often, it’s very easy for you two to feel neglected or have your feelings misunderstood; and communicating will solve most of your problems with ease. Remember that while texting throughout the day is great (and fun), it’s not very healthy to use it as the main way of communicating with each other. For some people, setting up a specific time works best¾especially if you happen to live in different time zones. For others, random and spontaneous calls work better, and disappointments are less this way. Experiment and find out which way is better for you and your loved one.

Remembering Special Occasions And Gift-Giving

Celebrating special occasions is a part of being together. Remembering (and forgetting) birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions reminds you that you are together with this person on the long run. If you can’t drop in to see him or her on their special day, take the time out to have a mini online party for them. Make their day special by ordering flowers for them online or making a reservation for them and a friend for a special dinner. If they live in Frankston, then search for a Frankston restaurant that has online reservations. Better yet, send them their gift and instruct them to open it while online with you. This way, you’ll both feel like you’re spending the special occasion together.


Hanging Out Online

So what if you live several miles apart? Thanks to the internet, you still can spend time together. Follow each other in your social media platforms so that you have more than one way of communicating with each other. If you are doing something that doesn’t require all your attention (like grocery shopping), find out if your loved one would like to “come along”. If you love watching the same TV series, consider watching it together; and if possible, while you are online together. Play online games together, indulge in a hobby together…in short, do something together with your loved one so you’ll feel more connected to them.

Taking Time Out To Meet Up Whenever Possible

As great as the internet is in helping you connect, it still goes without saying that us humans need that tactile connection once in a while to feel more connected with our loved ones. Couples that hug and cuddle often are said to have healthier and happier relationships…something a little hard to do through a phone. So take the time to fly out to your loved one whenever possible. Travelling three hours just to spend a single day with them might feel like so much effort for too little reward, but trust us, you’ll be happy you did it at the end of the day.

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