How To Cook A Great Beef Steak?

There are many ways to grill a mean beef steak. If you are still considering how to make the perfect one, there are many ideas that you can use to marinate and use the beef to be cooked per your precision. When you cook beef, there are so many ways to do it. It all depends on the plans that you have for the night when you are frying beef, it becomes saucy and delicious mixed with soy sauce and all those mouthwatering sensations you feel. It feels like heaven when you bite into the meaty delight. It also is good with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables; there are several ways to cook a mean beef. It all depends on what you like to eat, because nowadays there are different ways to cook beef and other meat delights to tantalize your taste buds.

Using A ‘Steak’ Out

The typical ‘steak out’ can always mean to have a barbeque night and we all just enjoy a good night under the stars with family and good friends. Though some may use a barbeque, others may use outdoor firepits which help the beef to be cooked without the hassle of having to stay by the fireside and turn it over every few seconds. It gives us the chance to also catch up with our friends without wasting time for other reasons. Here are a few tips for using a fire-pit to sizzle all those meat-eats and enjoyable food.

1.    Cooking Meat

Some may find that cooking meat is difficult but there are easier ways to cook a good grilled meat bone. Generally, to cook beef it takes close to one hour to get those tenderloins, even though that can happen frying and grilling helps a whole lot easier it only takes up to 30 – 45 mins on one side which helps the meat to absorb all those juicy marinated tastes. The key is in the way the meat absorbs those juices, and how you will prepare them is important. Now, if you marinate beef and leave them to soak in the juices, they can give you that sweet roasted and grilled taste you have been dying for.

2.    Using Charcoal And Fire

The way to use a fire pit is exactly like a barbeque machine except for picture it larger. You should fill it with charcoal and pieces of cloth to get the fire starting, some may use oils or other different ways to start up the BBQ.

3.    Placing The Meat

When you are placing the meat, you should use a grill pan so that the fire can seep through and cook the meat without you having to worry about it being undercooked. Cooking it for at least 30 – 45 mins is enough but sometimes, overlooking it a little would not hurt at all either after all the meat should become tender and soft.

4.    Catching Up With Friends

Catching up with friends is easier because now all you should do is sit the meat into the grill and let it cook for as long as 30 – 45 mins on one side and it gets cooked within seconds while you can enjoy your time around your friends without having to constantly worry.

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