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Web Crawl

Web Crawl | June 21

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Happy Friday! Cheers to the Weekend!


So, officially it is the first day of summer! Uhhhmmm well, we in Jamaica have been feeling the heat for a while now! And many are now adept at finding ways to keep cool. My advice, find the nearest pool and jump in! Failing that you can always frequent your closest ice cream or frozen yogurt pit stop…Tutti Frutti going to get sick of me soon!

How are we at Friday again? Not that I’m complaining mind you. Just that I think My “To Do” list still looks the same , if not longer than it did on Monday. Oh well, it begins again on Monday!

So, what’s the best thing about Friday? Our EAT GOOD Web Crawl of course :) I am so loving this crawl…it’s calorie-free, and yet I feel satiated and filled with inspiration after it. Makes me wanna go bake something!

Each week I am discovering more and more food blogs out there. They break down the boundaries and link us on a global plate. I love it! So here are some great foodie links to get you through the weekend!


1. Chocolate Crepe Cake Minis…anyone? You had me at crepe! For those who love the breakfast treat, this is a whole new way to look at crepes…and it is all thanks to Megan DeKok’s fun site Take a Megabite. I honestly didn’t know which post to share with you, because I also love this and this (those in search of great gluten-free recipes will LOVE this one). Also, if you want to try your hand at making your own ice cream, check this out or this berry delicious one.


2. I have LOVED 101 Cookbooks forever. In fact I believe it was the first food blog I really came across, maybe about four or five years ago. For a meatlover, this meatless blog may be somewhat of a trek into unfamiliar territory, but these fragrant, vibrant and rich dishes, accompanied by wonderful  travel guides to some of her favourite cities, it is easy to get lost here. I hope you do too. But a good place to start, is here


3. With her poetic voice, La Tartine Gourmande makes everything sound dreamy and romantic. In the mood for a healthy quinoa salad, here you go. Again a perfect option for those on a “summer-body” mission, as well as those who follow a gluten-free diet.


4. Mingled with his adventures of living in Paris, David Lebovitz makes me want to pack my bags, and move to Paris (although I don’t speak French so good, and I guess I would miss my girls, and B.)In lieu of moving I journey through his site, traversing the streets of Paris, and follow him on his travels. Even if you don’t try the recipes, his photography and stories will have you hooked. If you do want to cook, try this Lemon yogurt cake with apricot-cherry compote…light, airy and just yum.


5. It’s true. You will find a Jamaican everywhere. And that definitely includes Dubai, where the blog Chef and Steward comes to us from. Chef Lij and his charming wife Kari, both Jamaicans, cook, photograph and blog about their food adventures, as well as share recipes for Jamaican classics, and even a low-carb section…hellooooo #missionsummerbody! But it’s the grown-up Jello shots that we love! Especially LOVE the presentation.


Have a great weekend everyone! Oh…and for those who are wondering we have had to push our July Night Market to a later date. Stay tuned for all the updates!



2 Responses to “Web Crawl | June 21”

  1. Megan

    Thanks for the love! <3!

    • Leisha

      You make it easy to love everything on your site! Foodie Love!!


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